What’s so special about Naked Whey Protein?

What’s so special about Naked Whey Protein?

Naked Whey Protein Powder is one of its kind. It brings for you the high-quality grass-fed whey protein that is otherwise extremely difficult to find in the market. All of us love our food natural and unadulterated, right? Well, guess what? Naked Whey Protein brings it for you. This Protein Powder is sourced directly from the fields of California from grass-fed cow’s milk. It is made up of only a single ingredient – Whey Protein Concentrate, and nothing else. It is free from additives, flavours, soy, GMO, gluten, artificial colours or hormones

Naked Whey Protein has got nothing to hide. The key instances that go into the making of Naked Whey Protein are extremely important to its journey and bring it out in the purest form. The grass-fed cows spend about 300+ days a year and about 19+ hours per day on pasture. This is in order to ensure the health of the cows that would, in turn, determine the quality of Whey produced. Higher quality milk is obtained through open pasture time and natural grazing. Naked Whey Protein has its family dairy farms in California where they take the best care of cows to ensure that highest quality of Whey is produced.

Of course! We know how much the ingredient list matters to you! Health and lifestyle is the first priority and should always be cross-checked for healthy consumption. That’s why we bring for you only the best quality of protein powder that fuels your lifestyle to the fullest! Naked Whey Protein is an amazing health supplement that makes you feel good and energetic instantly.

Each serving of Naked Whey Protein undergoes gentle processing and offers:
  • 25 grams of Protein
  • 3 grams of Carbs
  • 9 grams of BCCA
  • It is sourced from grass-fed cows in California.
  • It is free from artificial sweeteners, flavours and additives.
  • It leaves out Soy, GMO, Gluten and Growth Hormones.


The game-changer with only one ingredient

Naked Whey Protein is made from 100% grass-fed cows in California; thus, it consists only the most natural form of Whey Protein. It eliminates any and all additives, sweeteners and flavours. This is a gluten-free formula that brings you the 100% natural taste of unsweetened and unadulterated Whey Protein. It is free from any sort of colours, and Growth Hormones.

Everything Natural, Everything Naked Whey Protein

Naked Whey Protein comes from grass-fed cows in California that spend about 300+ days on pasture and 19+ hours each day. This calls up for something! Naked Whey Protein consists of only one thing, and that is Whey Protein Concentrate. It brings for you a non-denatured Whey Protein Powder that is packed with the essential amino acids, alongside clean protein and glutathione.

Soy Free

Naked Whey Protein consists of Whey Protein Concentrate and is formulated free from Soy. Soy can be one of the key allergies in people. People who are sensitive to soy allergies are not likely to buy whey proteins that consist of even the least amount of soy, as they can suffer reactions. In addition to this, studies have shown that soy consists of phytoestrogens. These enzymes try and mimic the human body’s natural estrogen hormones. This is not a very good sign for either men or women. This is one of the many benefits that the brand talks about in great length.


Naked Whey Protein consists of zero gluten. As mentioned earlier, Naked Whey Protein is free from any additional flavours, additives or sweeteners; thus, it doesnt consist of any gluten content. This is to preserve the unadulterated, natural taste and benefits of Whey Protein and bring the same for fitness enthusiasts. Naked Whey Protein is made up of only one ingredient, and that is – Whey Protein Concentrate.

Cold-Processed is the way to go!

Unlike most of the Whey Protein Powders and Isolates available in the market, Naked Whey Protein Powder is made completely cold-pressed. This is to ensure that there is zero contamination from health-disturbing factors like chemical detergents (bleach or acid). The cold-pressed method also eliminates all the other baddies from the Whey Protein, like synthetic additives, and/or heavy metals. This ensures that naturally occurring growth factors aren’t hindered or disturbed in the making of the Whey Protein.

A brilliant source of Protein

Naked Whey Protein provides you with a huge amount of Protein, containing all the crucial amino acids; thus, it is extremely helpful for your body and muscles. It is also extremely digestible and gets processed by the system easily. These qualities make Naked Whey Protein one of the best dietary supplements available in the market.

Your perfect, go-to workout partner

Naked Protein Powder is sure to be your perfect workout partner as it fuels up your body with instant and prolonged energy levels. You can drink it right before your workout schedule or after a heavy workout to cool down your muscles and remain energised for the rest of the day. To make things fun and fruity, you can add your favourite fruit to Naked Whey Protein Powder and make the best smoothies and whey shakes that you can consume pre and post-workout. You can also bake and cook exciting recipes with Naked Whey Protein.


We would like to rate Naked Whey Protein 4.5 stars out of 5. This is because the product is full of pros. It works best for any and all type of people. It gives a huge nutritional value and keeps your body energetic for long periods of time. The only downside is that some people might not like the natural taste of Whey Protein and they might find this one a bit odd. Thus, no flavors can be a bummer for some, but overall, it is great for your health to skip out on any additives and flavors.

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