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Printing has become a basic need and necessity of the modern world.  Whenever we think about getting a printing job done, the first question that arises is; which mode of printing to choose. Basically, we have two kinds of Printing Technologies one is Off-Set Printing and the other is Digital Printing. Both of them have specific pros and cons. According to the project we need to get done, the appropriate type of printing differs. Choosing the correct type of Printing Melbourne according to the project can sometimes be a tricky task. If you’re confused in choosing the type of Printing Melbourne for your printing project, then you are at the right place.


People think printing is just printing, but it’s not the thing if you take a look at both of the printing methods and their differences; then people really get to know to choose one or the other for their next project.


In offset printing, plates that are usually made from a smooth metal are used to transfer the content or images on a rubber blanket and then the same content is rolled on the sheet of paper. In this process, the ink is not transferred directly onto the paper, so it is called offset printing.

Off-set presses run efficiently once the setup is done. Off-set printing is the better choice when you need to print a large quantity and also provides professional, clean, and efficient printing with accurate and crisp color reproduction.


In digital printing, plates are not used like offset, but instead of plates options such as large printers that use liquid ink or toners are used. Digital printing will be cost-effective when it comes to lower quantities, like 100 flyers or 20 greeting cards or 100 business cards and so on. Digital printing has the capability of variable data. That means when each copy of Print requires different names or addresses or unique codes, digital printing is the only option because offset printing cannot cater for this kind of needs, while offset printing is the best way to produce nice-looking printing projects. But many individuals or businesses do not require large quantities of 500 or more so digital printing is the best solution.

Advantages of Offset Printing

  • Off-set printing is cost-effective when the printing project is in large quantity.
  • As the quantity of printing project increases, the price per piece decreases.
  • There are a large variety of paper types with many custom finishes, which can be used in off-set printing.
  • There are many custom colors such as Pantone colors and Metallic colors available.
  • In offset printing, we can achieve greater details and Color fidelity.
  • The highest printing quality is possible in offset printing.

Advantages of Digital Printing

  • In digital printing, the lower minimum quantities required is as low as 1 or 20 or 50 pieces.
  • For small quantity projects, Digital printing is the best.
  • Set up for the short runs is lower when compared to offset printing.
  • Black and white digital printing for small quantities is cheaper than off-set printing.
  • Digital printing has the capability of variable data like names, codes, addresses or numbers can be done very easily.
  • With digital printing, we can print the appropriate amount of the product and we can reprint if we require more.
  • Digital printing can be done faster than offset printing.

Which Type of Printing Is Right for Your Next Print Project?

Both offset and digital printing methods are useful.  Both of them have specific pros and cons, depending on your project requirement. When the need is small run of less than 100 or you need to get individual addresses or numbering on each piece, then digital printing is your solution.

If the requirement is of larger runs of a project, in hundreds or thousands or it requires custom and specific metallic or Pantone colors then offset printing is the only way.  With offset printing, you can use a wide variety of custom papers special inks like fluorescent inks or metallic inks.  Your requirement as a business can be fulfilled with either of these printing types and also good quality means you get a good printing product that makes your project look good and awesome.

I hope this article is helpful to you in deciding a better Printing Melbourne for your printing project.

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