This Year’s 5 Most Fashionable Prescription Sunglasses From Wiley X

This Year's 5 Most Fashionable Prescription Sunglasses From Wiley X

Everyone needs a good pair of sunglasses, but when your need goes beyond just protecting your eyes from the sun, your need is to be in possession of a pair of wiley x prescription sunglasses. For over thirty years these manufacturers of quality eyewear have been bringing superior protection to professionals in numerous industries whose needs go beyond traditional tinted frames.

Whether your shades are for business or pleasure, here are 5 of the hottest prescription styles trending this year for men and women.

Romer 3 for Men From Wiley X

If you like the shades worn by Arnold in the Terminator or Neo in the Matrix, you’re going to love the Romer 3. Sleek black with a silver logo on the side, these sunglasses are sporty, trendy, and water repellent. With their aerodynamic styling and optional changeable lens, these attractive frames are perfect for going fast no matter what the weather.

Titan Tactical Sunglasses for Men

If you’re more of a Maverick type, you need to check out the Titan frame. With shatterproof polycarbonate lenses and bulky, masculine styling, these glasses shout longevity. The unique lens design is what makes these bad boys stand out from the crowd. Worn on the job site the removable facial cavity seal helps keep your eyes protected from fine particles in the air.

Kobe With Shimmery Lenses

Whether you’re on your way to the firing range or a 5-star Michelin restaurant, you need the Kobe to join you. These not only come in great styling, they come with great options. Choose black wtih silver lenses for less glare or hickory brown with gold mirror lense for fishing or target practice. Made to fit head sizes from medium to large, these frames look great on both men and women.

Affinity for Women

Women love options and these sunglasses can meet that demand. With their Jackie-O inspiration, these big frames offer protection and style. Elegant enough to pair with an evening gown, yet strong enough for hiking the Andes, you’ll never look better than when you have the Affinity resting on the bridge of your nose. If you’re not sure whether to go with the black with silver trim, black with rose gold, or the elegant brown with bronze lenses, you can always choose all three.

Weekender for Women

The weekender also comes in several options. Just like the Affinity, you get black and brown, but the weekend turns up the charm with it’s pink on pink styling. For those who need more feminine styling, these pretty sunglasses are wayfarer-inspired, but with more curves. Don’t let their charm fool you. These light-weight frames are built for high impact protection.

Need Help Choosing?

With so many wonderful and unique styles to choose from, you might need a little assistance choosing your next pair of wiley x prescription sunglasses. The professionals at Safety Gear Pro are happy to assist you, whether you prefer online chat or phone. Safety Gear Pro has a large selection of quality frames. Visit them today to secure the best frames for your next big adventure.

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