EOR OTT Platform

EOR OTT Platform

Tired of viewing the same set of shows and movies even after paying for high-end subscriptions everywhere?

We proudly present the EOR TV OTT platform, which is India’s First LGBTQ-focused OTT (Over The Top) Streaming service, which brings you the latest and original LGBTQ aimed series/movies and original music. Just by visiting our OTT Streaming Services website, you can subscribe and access unlimited LGBTQ-focused, Hindi, English, Marathi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, & many more languages; Blockbuster Movies and Superhit Cinema’s to Orginal Content, we got you covered with everything.

Also rather than just entertaining EOR TV OTT Platform focuses on creating awareness and eradicating  biases existing in our society. Only OTT Platform that shall deliver such a wide variety of streaming services from Tourism to Entertainment to Social Awareness. We also have a variety of movies and hits in a variety of languages from Old Black & White hits to Regional Cinema, Original Series/ Movies/ Music, and Tourism videos.

Here’s what our Category includes: Behind The Scenes, LGBTQ focused content, Bengali Movies, Bhojpuri Movies, Black & White Movies, English Movies, Gujarati Movies, Hindi Movies, Horror Movies, Kannada Movies, Malayalam Movies, Marathi Movies, Music, Originals, Punjabi Movies, Tamil & Telugu Movies and Tourism Content.

EORTV supports streaming fresh content, music and more, on regular basis. Here are some of the sorted reasons making EORTV a total game-changer:
• Originals that will be regularly and they will be streamed via a simple internet-connected device
• Applications like the EOR-TOK would be providing the users with the provision of recording their talents online and gratifications
• EOR-Care is another feature allowing the users to keep a careful check on the viewing time

Our Vision at EOR OTT Platform is to see the change happening; the change of preventing discrimination and prejudice against the “hormonally-challenged societal communities” thereby promoting peace, fraternity, equality, and brotherhood.To germinate an acceptance for all societal communities by eliminating any kinds of biases based on gender stereotypes and orientation/s.

Wait no more!!

Subscribe to the EOR OTT Platform and avail of all of the following Streaming Services.

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