9 Best health benefits of Giloy

9 Best health benefits of Giloy

Benefits of Giloy

Giloy is useful in the treatment of many serious diseases including diabetes, constipation, and jaundice. Due to the properties of Giloy or Guduchi, it is named Amrita in Ayurveda, which means that this medicine is exactly like nectar. According to Ayurveda, apart from digestive diseases, Giloy is also very beneficial in relieving respiratory diseases such as asthma and cough. Along with Giloy, there are many benefits of eating <a href=”https://www.yourhelp.in/tulsi-ke-fayede/”>Tulsi</a>. In this article, we are telling you in detail about the benefits of Giloy.

1- Diabetes

According to experts, Giloy acts as a hypoglycemic agent and plays an effective role in controlling type-2 diabetes. Giloy juice reduces high blood sugar levels, increases insulin secretion, and lowers insulin resistance. In this way, it is a very useful medicine for diabetic patients.

Dosage and method of intake: You can consume Giloy in two ways for diabetes.

Giloy Juice: Mix two to three spoons of Giloy juice (10-15ml) in a cup of water and consume it on an empty stomach in the morning.

Giloy Churna: Take half a teaspoon of Giloy powder with water twice a day, one to one and a half hours after eating food.

2- Dengue

Consuming Giloy as a home remedy to avoid dengue is most popular. During dengue, the patient starts having a high fever. The antipyretic properties present in Giloy cure fever quickly, as well as act as an immunity booster, which gives quick relief from dengue.

Dosage and method of intake: In the case of dengue, mix two to three spoons of Giloy juice in a cup of water and take it one and a half hours before meals twice a day. This gives quick relief from dengue.

3- Indigestion

If you are troubled by digestive problems such as constipation, acidity, or indigestion, then Giloy can prove to be very beneficial for you. The decoction of Giloy keeps many diseases of the stomach away. Therefore, to get rid of constipation and indigestion, consume Giloy daily.

Dosage and method of intake: Take half to one spoon of Giloy powder with warm water before going to bed at night. Its regular consumption provides quick relief from stomach-related problems like constipation, indigestion, and acidity.

4- Cough

If your cough is not getting better for several days, then consuming Giloy can be beneficial. Due to the antiallergic properties in Giloy, it provides quick relief from cough. Take a decoction of Giloy to get rid of the cough.

Dosage and method of consumption: To get relief from cough, make a decoction of Giloy and consume it with honey. It is more beneficial to take it twice a day after meals.

5- Fever

Giloy or Guduchi has such antipyretic properties which also cures chronic fever. For this reason, it is recommended to consume Giloy to get relief from fever caused by serious diseases like malaria, dengue, and swine flu.

Dosage and Dosage: To get relief from fever, take Giloy Ghanvati (1-2 tablets) with water twice a day after meals.

6- Helpful in increasing immunity

Apart from removing diseases, increasing the immunity of the body is also included in the benefits of Giloy. Regular consumption of Giloy Sattva or Giloy juice increases the <a href=”https://www.yourhelp.in/immunity-in-hindi/”>immunity power</a> of the body, which prevents many infectious diseases including cold and cold.

Dosage and Dosage: Giloy acts as an immunity booster. To increase immunity, take two to three teaspoons (10-15ml) of Giloy juice twice a day.

7- Jaundice

Jaundice patients are cured by giving juice of fresh leaves of Giloy. Apart from this, the consumption of Giloy also provides relief from fever and pain in jaundice. Apart from Giloy Swaras, you can also use Giloy Sattva to get rid of Jaundice.

Dosage and method of intake: Mix one to two pinch of Giloy extract with honey and take it twice a day after breakfast or something.

8- Anemia

Due to the lack of blood in the body, many types of diseases start, in which anemia is the most prominent. Generally, women suffer more from anemia. Giloy juice is very beneficial for women suffering from anemia. Consumption of Giloy juice removes the lack of blood in the body and strengthens the immunity power.

Dosage and method of intake: Take two to three spoons (10-15ml) of Giloy juice with honey or water twice a day before meals.

9- Good for the skin

Giloy is also helpful in removing skin-related diseases and allergies. Whether it is skin rashes in urticaria or acne on the face, Giloy helps in curing them all.

How to use: To get relief from skin-related problems, make a paste of Guduchi stem and apply this paste directly on the affected area. This paste helps remove skin rashes, nail acne, etc.

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