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8 Unusual Skincare Products That Might Actually Work

Just a few years ago, cold cream and bar soap were the only choices for facial treatment. There are a plethora of toners, moisturizers, and masks available today to keep your skin in tip-top shape. However, things are beginning to get strange. It’s weird to have your placenta on your forehead. Though some strange skincare items are a little frightening, they can work wonders for your skin.
Just as nutrition (think Le-Vel Thrive reviews) is on the cutting edge, the field of skincare is constantly evolving. So, rather than avoiding any of these strange skincare inventions, why not give them a shot? Be courageous and accept the strange beauty of the world!

1. Donkey Cream

The term “Donkey Cream” isn’t exactly enticing. However, donkey milk is used as a moisturizing agent in this deep pore cleanser, and it works. The melting cream gets deep into your pores for a thorough scrub, while the oils in the cream keep your skin supple. It may have an odd name, but it’s a pleasure to use.

2. Placenta Products

A placenta serum, which contains five peptides, is almost identical to a human placenta. That sounds a lot better than actually putting a human placenta on your forehead, but it’s still a little weird. These peptides, on the other hand, are fantastic for revitalizing your skin. It also contains Argireline concentrate, which tightens skin similarly to Botox.

3. Snail Goo

There is a cream made from a snail-extract-based cream that soothes your skin. The most popular snail extracts contain 92% snails! It might be difficult to deal with, but it’s extremely beneficial to your skin. Users report it is helpful for sensitive skin and for those dealing with acne and hyper-pigmentation.

4. Seaweed Baths

Bathing in the sea is a fantastic idea. Taking a bath in seaweed? That doesn’t sound so good. But forget the fact that seaweed contains the term “weed” and enjoy soaking up all of the beneficial minerals contained in the ocean. The seaweed itself is sustainably harvested, and Non-GMO approved, and it has anti-inflammatory properties that are calming. Soak in a detoxing bath and feel as if you’re under the sea.

5. Eye Massager

Heat and sonic waves sound like a sci-fi weapon from the future. These massagers, on the other hand, use gentle warmth and vibration to calm the skin around the eyes. The negative ionic function aids in the absorption of moisturizers and other products into the skin, making them more powerful.

6. Fermented Grain Sherbets

The words “sherbet” and “fermented” don’t seem like they should be used together. However, when it comes to facial cleansers, it’s a fantastic combination. To make your skin extra clean, these creams contain vitamins B1, B6, E, and fermented grain extracts. It literally melts into your skin as soon as you apply it, and despite the word “fermented,” it’s actually good for sensitive skin. When you need to remove a lot of makeup but don’t want your skin to feel dry, this is a perfect choice.

7. Charcoal Bamboo Soap

A pitch-black soap seems to be a recipe for disaster. These bamboo charcoal cleaners, on the other hand, are fantastic, all-natural cleansers. Surprisingly, people with sensitive skin or eczema will benefit from them. The foam is completely washed away, and the soap leaves the skin smooth and moisturized. Plus, the invigorating smell of essential oils will give you an extra boost in the morning. If you’re looking for a certified organic exfoliator, these are great options.

8. Alge Gel

The hidden ingredient in these new eye gels is blue algae. It protects the skin from sun damage and strengthens it. The gel is extremely moisturizing, and according to the brand, it helps to reduce dark circles and puffiness.
While you might be tempted to stick to the tried and true skincare products, consider opening your mind to the possibilities of less traditional products. You may be pleasantly surprised.



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