5 Types Of Portrait Photography Available In 2023

Types Of Portrait Photography


Here are 5 Different Types of Portrait Photography Available in 2023

Portrait photography, or, portraiture has a single focused purpose- to capture the personality of an individual or a group of people. It is done by effectively using lighting, backdrops, and poses. This type of photography goes beyond telling the model to say cheese and capture them smiling half-heartedly. It is an authentic and raw form of photography that is widely open to interpretation. There are many different subcategories and types of portrait photos.

  1. The couple, Family, and Group Portraits– As mentioned earlier, a portrait photo isn’t limited to one person. A Family photo, photos of couples, and other groups are also portraits. These types of images are generally more complex than capturing the picture of an individual. With multiple people in a frame, it is possible to capture their authentic and genuine interaction. Such portraits are usually wholesome and give a person an idea about the relationship shared by the members.
  2. Self Portraits– The term self-portrait has garnered its fair share of negative criticism because of selfies. A selfie is a quick snapshot, and even when taken from a smartphone in portrait mode, it is just that. When captured by a professional photographer, a self-portrait can be a gorgeous image that requires insight and planning. Using a tripod, a remote, and a WiFi-enabled camera can make this task easier.
  3. Surreal Portraits- Surrealism refers to an artistic style that has a dream-like and out-of-this-world vibe to it. This kind of photography cannot precisely be captured. This is where photoshop and probably an excellent Corporate photography studio in Singapore comes in who provide such services.
  4. Conceptual Portraits– Such portraits capture an idea or a concept within an image. This type of photography often relies on props, setting, and editing to achieve the desired vision.
  5. Fine Art Portrait– The definition of fine art portrait is quite fluid. This form of photography is focused on using photography as a means of creative expression. It can be grossly simplified as wall art, but it is so much more than that.


Since every person is different, there are various subcategories of portrait photography, and it is not limited to a Passport Photo. The different types of portrait photography apply different methods and have its varying process. The type of portrait photography may also depend on the person and what represents them the best.

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